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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

7.06.2000 pisze Branden Robinson (branden@ecn.purdue.edu):

> Furthermore, Debian doesn't currently "ignore" non-free software as
> we go through a deliberate process to identify it (does it meet the
> DFSG?) and categorize it.  Not to mention put it in the archive,
> update override files, do bug maintenance, etc.

Yes, of course. But the main work is the work of the packages'
developers, right? None of them have been compelled to do this (-> to
package a non-free software), right?

This thread costs me about 35 minuts of reading and the decision for
not to use Debian on my servers [which I had in mind] if this
resolution would effect in changes to the Social Contract; mostly
because I need to use java and some other non-free.

I understand now: this is the purity that is the main goal of Debian
project. Please, please, remove more software from Debian. Maybe at
some time one of The Great Free Software Prophets consider that some
licenses, e.g. the BSD or the Artistic license as not-sufficently-free
for Real Free Debian? All for purity, and to hell with users' needs.

best regards,

PS. Being not a developer I can't formally object to this resolution

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