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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> writes:

> On Tue, Jun 06, 2000 at 10:44:52PM -0500, Erick Kinnee wrote:
> > Sure, put me on your list of sponsors.
> and put me on the list of people who think it's a dumb idea and a waste
> of time.
> non-free software doesn't need to be discriminated against (and changing
> the rules & practices relating to non-free software after 4+ years is
> discrimination), ignoring it is sufficient.

We have always discriminated against non-free software, and rightly
so.  After all, Debian is an organzation founded upon principles of
Free Software, and it is only right that we reject non-free software.

You might say that what I propose is exactly that: ignoring non-free
software.  Why should an organization whose primary purpose is the
promotion of Free Software aid the non-free software?

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