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Re: Does linux-2.2.15 have a serious disk problem? (was Re: End of first test cycle, new packages installed)

In article <cistron.200005242101.OAA24358@earth.laney.edu>,
Jim Lynch  <jim@laney.edu> wrote:
>I caught a conversation on IRC where someone was claiming linux-2.2.15 has
>serious disk I/O problems that were present in both ide and scsi. Sorry,
>I don't have the player's names here... could several someones find out
>for sure please? I saw someone guess that it might be a "scheduling

Almost all of the Cistron Internet servers are running 2.2.15. That
includes mail, news, web database, radius etc servers. We're using
IDE, UDMA, UDMA/66 (w/ the 2.2.15.ide patch), SCSI, MegaRaid, you
name it.

No disk corruption or other problems.

Our vision is to speed up time, eventually eliminating it.

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