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help with mutt and vim (was Re: Archive is moving to auric / Incoming disabled)

On Fri, May 12, 2000 at 04:09:49PM -0700, Drew Parsons wrote:
> How do you forward a message in mutt, and get the quote characters
> ">" to indicate what it is you're forwarding? mutt just leaves the
> forwarded message untouched.  I guess I'll have to use "reply" and
> change the address instead.

you can't, as far as i know.

instead, set mutt to use vim as the message editor. add "export
EDITOR=/usr/bin/vim" or equivalent to your shell's startup script
(~/.bashrc for bash)

it's also useful to configure mutt so that the message headers can be
edited in vi - makes it easy to trim excess CC lines and add custom
headers or whatever. add this to ~/.muttrc: "set edit_headers"

in mutt, press 'f' to forward the message as usual. in vim, move the
cursor to the start of the forwarded text. press V (that's shift V), and
move the cursor to the end of the forwarded text. then type ":s/^/> /"
(without the quotes) and hit enter. that does a search and replace for
the start of the line (^) and replaces it with "> ".

if you do this often, set up a function key (e.g. F5) in vim to do it


craig sanders

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