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Re: ITP: aterm

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> I have contacted Samuel more than three times regarding aterm. It was the
> first thing I wanted to package for Debian, but someone told me in -mentors
> that this was already ITP'd. I contacted him, he told me he would upload to
> potato soon. This was in October, IIRC. Some time passed, I asked again.
> Maybe aterm will miss the woody freeze.

Yeah, I heard about this.. I didnt know but yeah.. I have packaged it aswell..
Nice to know it's popular :)

> Joshua: install aterm on woody, or it won't be available in the next frozen.
> I know Sasha Vasko, he was very happy about my intention to include aterm in
> potato, so there's no problem with that.

I itend to put aterm in woody if I can.. hopefully :)

> A question, why do you intend to do several packages? Why not doing one with
> all features enabled? Are you going to package aslib as well?

Yes, I might do aslib.. not sure about an all in one tho

> And, do you want my debian/ dir, or you have that already?

Nah, my debian dir is nice and complete :) 

> Finally, are you the guy I talked to on IRC some days ago regarding aterm?

I dont think I spoke to you...
Joshua Pierre 
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