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ITP: aterm

I would like to package aterm  for Debian and I already have a sponsor, my
sponsor is Peter Crystal (darke@debian.org, darkewolf on #debian-devel IRC).
aterm is the afterstep terminal emulator which is a heavily modified version
of rxvt which has all the glossy eyecandy like transparency and scroll buttons.
I have found it to be a very lightweight version of eterm. I will also be packaging aterm-png/xpm/jpg which will have background  
support for these formats or I may include them in the main package and add the dependencies.
Copyright: GPL
More Info: http://aterm.sourceforge.net or http://www.alphuse.cx for the debs and various other piece of information.

Joshua Pierre 
Email:	alpha@alphuse.cx     		      
WWW:	http://www.alphuse.cx                  

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