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nonus, was: First Test Cycle starts today

Richard Braakman writes:
 > I've made my last run of Incoming this morning.  I'll install no more
 > packages in frozen until after the Test Cycle.  If you have an upload
 > that really must go in, then you can try to get me to do it before I
 > leave work today; that's about four hours from now.

Does this also stand for nonus?

I have just learned about a bug in the postinst of lynx-ssl which
messed in the conffile of another package (lynx) instead of is own. A
bugfix is under way. (#63383)

I also just found out about ab bug (typo) in the default configuration
of apache-ssl which prevents starting of the deamon. The fix is very
easy (delete one blank). (#63116)

The problem is also present in (main) apache. I just filed an
important bug against it.

If you test new installs (in your test cycle), apache we certainly


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