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Re: First Test Cycle starts today

On Tue, May 02, 2000 at 12:35:19PM +0200, Richard Braakman wrote:
> The first official Test Cycle has started today.  It's not entirely my
> doing, but such things gather momentum :-)

Well thanks for the advance warning!

> The next few days will be dedicated to getting test-ready boot-floppies
> and CD images.  I will only make changes to frozen that are necessary
> for getting those ready.

What, you have no more packages to toss out of the distribution because
they have important bugs filed that you didn't even read as with epic4?

> After that, the distribution will be tested for about 10 days, during
> which it will not change at all.  After testing comes an evaluation
> period, during which we either release potato as-is, or install any
> fixes necessary (which one hopes will be available in Incoming already;
> is not, there will be an extra delay), and start a new Test Cycle.

Fact is that you removed at lest one package (mine) filed 29 Apr 2000.
This was a whole ... what, four days ago?  And it's been removed even
though the upstream maintainer has a fix for the problem already.  He said
he couldn't get it to me until Monday, which just ended.  I wasn't able to
catch him yesterday because of real life concerns.

> I've made my last run of Incoming this morning.  I'll install no more
> packages in frozen until after the Test Cycle.  If you have an upload
> that really must go in, then you can try to get me to do it before I
> leave work today; that's about four hours from now.

Four hours..  Thanks for the amazing amount of notice.  I should by all
rights be asleep at this time of morning (4am) and you have given me until
the time I should have been waking up to fix a problem that I probably
wouldn't have even known about until then.

Oh wait - my package has already been removed!  No horizon, no
announcement, just your decision to arbitrarily pull a bunch of packages
and close frozen to new updates.

After DSA was flamed to hell and back for posting too little detail about
what they were doing, I would have expected that you would have had the
forethought to consider posting what you were planning BEFORE you went
through ripping pretty solid packages out of the distribution, seemingly
without so much as reading the bug report..

If you HAD read it, you would see quite clearly that:
 * the bug affects one single script NOT PACKAGED (for a reason)
 * the bug has ALREADY BEEN FIXED
 * a patch for this single issue would be sent as soon as the upstream
   author was able to do so
 * The bug is a total of FOUR days old.

If this much attention to detail was paid to all of the packages you
removed, I think we have a problem.

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