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Re: wterm in potato

At 22:59 -0600 2000-02-19, Steve Greenland wrote:
>On 19-Feb-00, 20:46 (CST), Josip Rodin <joy@cibalia.gkvk.hr> wrote:
>> Well, if the bug prevents anyone speaking Russian (how many thousands of our
>> users is that?) from using wterm, then I think it fits the description of
>> "any other bug which makes the package unsuitable for release."
>Hmmm. Interesting criterion. Dpkg doesn't support Chinese. Yep,
>unsuitable for release. (And before anybody flames, no, I'm not claiming
>multi-language support is unimportant.)

No, Chinese support needs support of multi-byte character sets, not
supporting multi-byte is understandable for now (especially since libc
doesn't fully support it yet).

Not being 8-bit clean is a high crime in modern unix.
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