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Re: ITP: devfsd

On Sun, Feb 20, 2000 at 02:13:22AM -0800, Daniel Schepler wrote:
> From my current control file:
> Description: devfs management daemon
>  This is a daemon which monitors the devfs filesystem, setting
>  permissions for device entries and installing compatibility symlinks.
>  It is almost certainly necessary if you run a kernel with devfs
>  support enabled.
> I'm not a developer yet, though.  Is there some developer in the Bay
> Area who could meet me at Berkeley sometime to sign my GPG key?  And
> could I have a volunteer to upload the package for me once I get it
> finished?

I've already got packages for devfs and devfsd (devfs package being
a script ripped from the kernel source that saves and restores admin
changes to /dev on shutdown / startup); last time I brought up devfsd,
there were many complaints that devfs did not default to the same
permissions as our standard /dev + makedev, and I haven't really put
any further thought into how to fix that. My personal preference at
this time while it's not standard is to ignore it, and let the admin
decide if they wants to run devfs and to take care of /dev themselves
with it.

Look at http://www.cosanostra.net/~fnord/devfs/

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