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Re: ITP: devfsd

In article <20000220105242.A29490@cosanostra.net> you wrote:

> I've already got packages for devfs and devfsd (devfs package being
> a script ripped from the kernel source that saves and restores admin
> changes to /dev on shutdown / startup); last time I brought up devfsd,
> there were many complaints that devfs did not default to the same
> permissions as our standard /dev + makedev, and I haven't really put
> any further thought into how to fix that. 

I'm the maintainer of the makedev package.  I have had in mind for some time
that it needs a complete rewrite, both to move to a table-oriented structure
instead of the current traditional-but-fairly-horrible huge shell case 
structure... and to change the behaviors to be more in line with what's needed
for a modern Linux system.  

Having said that, in light of devfs making it into what will become the 2.4
stable kernel, it would be silly to rewrite makedev without taking devfs into
account.  The current makedev has for some months been putting the MAKEDEV
executable somewhere other than /dev and managing a compatibility symlink in
/dev such that it doesn't break completely when devfs is enabled... but I 
won't even pretend to understand what role makedev can or should play when
devfs is present, or whether Debian out to ship traditional or devfs by
default... I just haven't had time to read up on devfs yet.

I guess that's all a long-winded way of saying that I'd be pleased to help
work through the issues at some point, and will do what I need to do to make
makedev coexist gracefully with with both traditional and devfs /dev 


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