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Re: Packages removed from frozen

On  9/02, Paul Slootman wrote:
| On Wed 09 Feb 2000, Samuel Tardieu wrote:
| > Cool, GNAT qualifies once more, as it needs to be here to build itself
| > and other tools such as asis, gch, libgtkada, adasockets, etc. :)
| ... which is why all of those packages don't have much chance of ever
| appearing in debian/alpha.

I don't get your point: why couldn't GNAT be supported on Alpha? True64 is
fully supported by GNAT, Linux/{x86,Sparc,PPC} too, and Debian/Alpha is
supported by GCC, so a cross compiler should not be hard to make for the
initial port (as I did for Sparc and someone else for PPC).

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