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Re: ITP: ssd


I found out, wy I wasn't able to run ssd daemon to monitor
my APC UPS.  My serial cable is not able to process simple
signaling.  It just supports only smart signaling.

To solve my own problem I found smupsd (see my ITP for
this package).  It is in incoming now.

I uploaded my ssd package to *experimental*.  I do *not*
intend to maintain it any further except for the case,
someone sponsors me a serial cable, which is able to
process simple signaling.  In this case I'd try to get
the beast working.

Because there was some interest in the package I decided to
put it into experimental.  Perhaps someone can test and
adopt it.  I would sponsor maintenance of a non Debian developer.

The package which should apear in experimental soon
is in the following state:

1. It compiles well.
2. The package builds lintian-clean
3. I've send e-mail to the author with my intention and a sugestion
   for a patch, but didn't get any answer since one week.

Hope this would help somebody.  If the package wouldn't be
adopted I would suggest to remove it sooner or later from

Kind regards


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