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Re: ITP: ssd

On Thu, 25 Nov 1999, Torsten Landschoff wrote:

> I would say go for it. And I will be one of it's first users ;)
I have to admit that there are any problems with the beast.
I got it packaged right after some changes in file locations
but it didn't do its job unfortunately.  I tested it in debugging
mode and the beast says permanently that int is on line when I
use the 940-0024B cable and it is on battery if I use 940-0024C
cable.  I tried to reconfigure /dev/ttyS0 as described in the
README file using minicom (is there any program that does ttyS?
configuration via script? - I havn't experiences with that)
... nothing helped.

So I'd like to suggest that I mail the package to somebody who is
willing to test it.  Might be it is a hardware problem on my site
and it works for others.  If you have acces to va.debian.org
you can download it from my home directory there under

I hope to get it working before 12/31/1999 when all power stations
in the world will fail ;-).

Kind regards


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