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ITP: smupsd

This daemon monitors an APC Smart-UPS for power failures.
When the battery has been drained to a certain level, a normal system
shutdown is performed.  Also included is a Java GUI for monitoring
selected UPS parameters live.


after several atempts to get one of the various UPS monitoring
packages inside Debian working, I found smupsd which is shipped
with RedHat and Caldera.

It is GPL.
It comes together with a Java-GUI for displaying UPS state.

I intent to separate the daemon from the Java-GUI because I
think that someone could live without it.

I have one technical question here.
The daemon comes without any configuration file.  Only commandline
options are supported.  I could fake this by creating an
/etc/smupsd.conf which is processed via grep/sed in the
/etc/init.d/smupsd script.  Or should I enforce the user
to edit some variables in /etc/init.d/smupsd?

Kind regards


Remark to my previous ITP of ssd:  Due to a lack of a "simple
signaling" cable (I own two different ones which doesn't support
simple signalling)  I intend to upload the package to experimental.
I can not check it, but it might be that someone likes to pick
up my packaging work for further tests.

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