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One thing that no-one has pointed out yet is that stable has known y2k
problems in it. Not releasing an update of some kind to fix these problems
before y2k is going to make us look like fools.

I would like to bring back up the idea of releasing a major update to slink.
I have the majority of the work done, it has been done for months and has
received a fair amount of testing [1]. This would include kernel 2.2.13, y2k
fixes, security fixes, an updated X, and little else.

If certian parties had not prevented me from doing this several months ago,
we would have released this about 1 month ago, and this delay of the freeze
would not be such a big deal. Please don't make the same mistake again
folks, I'm volenteering to do most of the work, and I work on debian full

see shy jo

[1] You'll find it in the back of the O'Reilly book, for example.

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