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On 07-Nov-99 Ruud de Rooij wrote:

> IMHO, there is no point in freezing if we won't have working
> boot-floppies expected before the end of the freeze.  Suppose we
> freeze now, but it takes three more months to produce working
> boot-floppies, then the released potato will be very out of date.

I think there is too many different voices about boot-floppies. Why did we move
the freeze two times of some week?
> On the other hand, if we wait with freezing until boot-floppies looks
> relatively stable, the actual freeze may be quite short.

I hope you are right. However I hope in a shorter freeze too. Shorter freeze is
necessary, but I don't think we can continue in this way, postponing the freeze
every week and now until about january 15th. We must make shorter release, but
also more releases in the same time. If we must gain shorter release only with
longer unstable time... :(

> I don't think the increase in release-critical bugs is a result of new
> upstream versions being introduced.  I think it is a result of more
> and more people switching to potato and _finding_ more bugs.  IMHO, we
> should have regular "bug squashing parties" and other efforts to try
> to reduce the RC bug count, and freeze when a release can reasonably
> expected within a few weeks of freeze time.

You're right, but my doubts remains.

However I think that users have the right to a not outdated distro. This is a
point that made me think positive about the famous re-release of slink. This
_should_ be already past.


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