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On Sun, Nov 07, 1999 at 12:50:56PM -0800, Joey Hess wrote:
> One thing that no-one has pointed out yet is that stable has known y2k
> problems in it. Not releasing an update of some kind to fix these problems
> before y2k is going to make us look like fools.
> I would like to bring back up the idea of releasing a major update to slink.
> I have the majority of the work done, it has been done for months and has
> received a fair amount of testing [1]. This would include kernel 2.2.13, y2k
> fixes, security fixes, an updated X, and little else.
> If certian parties had not prevented me from doing this several months ago,
> we would have released this about 1 month ago, and this delay of the freeze
> would not be such a big deal. Please don't make the same mistake again
> folks, I'm volenteering to do most of the work, and I work on debian full
> time..

I'm with ya, man.  I'll be your X bitch.  Just tell me where to sign up.

(Translation: I'll help you as much as you want if we can put XFree86 3.3.5
in it.)

G. Branden Robinson              |   "Why do we have to hide from the police,
Debian GNU/Linux                 |   Daddy?"
branden@ecn.purdue.edu           |   "Because we use vi, son.  They use
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