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Re: Thwarting Policy via BTS

Steve Greenland wrote:
> > I only want to make this point so people don't start getting the impression
> > that the developer's reference is policy, or that policy controls what
> > people may and may not do. I'm not trying to condone Thomas's action.
> Joey, I understand the point you are making, but *I'd* to point out that
> policy does not (and *should* not) contain all the rules and guidelines
> about how the Debian project works. The policy document is primarily
> about the rules and guidelines software packages need to follow so that
> they don't screw up other packages, and so that the distribution looks
> like a coherent, integrated whole rather than a random mess. 

Quite agreed.

> The fact
> that the NMU guidelines are not part of the policy document does not
> make them any less (or any more) valid or binding. 

As far as I know, there is no document that sets down in stone when NMU's
can be done. They're just that: guidelines -- and there's a standard of
conduct that is enforced socially, if people feel it is violated, by
machanisms like the beginning of this thread.

see shy jo

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