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Re: Thwarting Policy via BTS

John Goerzen wrote:
> Let me also just ask you this simple question:
>   Where in any official Debian policy, packaging, or developer's guide
>   do you find the rule or guideline that permits you to do what you
>   have done?
> In fact, as I pointed out before, the rules explicitly prohibit what
> you have done.

John, while I feel your pain (24 minutes?!), I have to point out that the
developer's reference is not formal debian policy[1], and no formal debian
policy document talks about NMU's. This is because policy documents say what
must be in packages and how they must behave, but it is out of their scope
to control how developers behave.

I only want to make this point so people don't start getting the impression
that the developer's reference is policy, or that policy controls what
people may and may not do. I'm not trying to condone Thomas's action.

see shy jo

[1] "Furthermore, this document is _not an expression of formal policy_. It
    contains documentation for the Debian system, and generally agreed-upon
    best practices."

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