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Is anyone else getting mail after it goes through a PMDF machine? (was: Odd mail package involved?)

Daniel Martin <Daniel.Martin@jhu.edu> writes:

> Odd things have been happening with this person's emails (and the
> other person at furryterror.org who chimed in on this thread); somehow, 
> the messages are having extra lines inserted into them, and this is
> breaking up the header information.  Consequently, this screws up my
> standard mail-sorting rules.

Mails exchanged with someone else lead me to believe that somehow
furryterror.org is inserting extra carriage return characters (so that 
it's ending lines sent via SMTP with CR/CR/LF), and somehow PMDF
interprets this as two line-ends.  (Which, given that CR/CR/LF is
INVALID input, may well be a legitimate action to take).  Any idea
what software at furryterror.org is doing this?  I don't suspect it's
the main furryterror software (exim running on a debian box), because
a bounce message from furryterror.org doesn't contain this odd
line-end problem.

Would it be legitimate for an MTA to strip control characters in
headers?  If so, do any MTA's actually do that?  If so, why doesn't
the qmail on lists.debian.org?

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