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Re: Is anyone else getting mail after it goes through a PMDF machine? (was: Odd mail package involved?)

In article <87zowwubih.fsf_-_@dwww.cush.dyn.ez-ip.net>,
Daniel Martin  <Daniel.Martin@jhu.edu> wrote:
>Daniel Martin <Daniel.Martin@jhu.edu> writes:
>> Odd things have been happening with this person's emails (and the
>> other person at furryterror.org who chimed in on this thread); somehow, 
>> the messages are having extra lines inserted into them, and this is
>> breaking up the header information.  Consequently, this screws up my
>> standard mail-sorting rules.
>Mails exchanged with someone else lead me to believe that somehow
>furryterror.org is inserting extra carriage return characters (so that 
>it's ending lines sent via SMTP with CR/CR/LF), and somehow PMDF
>interprets this as two line-ends.  (Which, given that CR/CR/LF is
>INVALID input, may well be a legitimate action to take).  Any idea
>what software at furryterror.org is doing this?  I don't suspect it's
>the main furryterror software (exim running on a debian box), because
>a bounce message from furryterror.org doesn't contain this odd
>line-end problem.
>Would it be legitimate for an MTA to strip control characters in
>headers?  If so, do any MTA's actually do that?  If so, why doesn't
>the qmail on lists.debian.org?

Hmmm...does umail.corel.com do this too?  Same software:  a package named
'sn' which I fetched from Sunsite, and two perl scripts from a package
I developed named 'mng'.  I originally developed mng using sendmail as
a backend, but I've already noticed slightly different behavior when
using exim as a replacement (the trailing "." at the end of a message).

Perhaps I need stricter input checking for header lines that aren't
modified by mng...

I don't speak for Corel, I just work for them.  Use zygob@corel.ca for work, 
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