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Re: Shrink-Wrapped Debian?

Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> Peter S Galbraith <GalbraithP@dfo-mpo.gc.ca> writes:
> > Are you planning to package this book for Debian?
> > Seems like a good thing to have in the distribution.
> > We already have a few books packaged, but this one seems very
> > good to have.
> It seems somewhat interesting but I don't know if we really need it to
> bloat the distribution.  For one, the book is availble online already.
> For two, it has significant overlap (and is inferior to, IMHO) other
> existing Debian documentation, such as the install manual.  Lastly, it
> is completely i386-centric.
> I mean, it seems like an okay book, but I don't know why there needs
> to be a package of it.

It's a matter of opinion and how useful you see it.  I packaged
tdlug (another book) because:

 - I can't point locally net-connected people to it when they
   come and ask me questions.

 - I can install it on their new Linux PC which has a win-modem
   and can't do Internet until they are convinced about Linux and
   buy another modem.

 - Some books take a loong time to load on a modem (tdlug is all
   in one file), and after you've done it once you don't want to
   do it over again (the slowness may make it useless).

 - I can tell people `Sure, we're got lots of docs to
   installation and initial usage.  If you don't like this book,
   or can't find the exact thing you want, try this other one'.

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