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Re: Shrink-Wrapped Debian?

* "Adam" == Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> wrote:

Adam> It seems somewhat interesting but I don't know if we really need
Adam> it to bloat the distribution.

I haven't looked at the content of the book, but if it is usable, I'd
like to see it packaged.

A new user installs Debian, and he should be able to install any good
docs (if it has a special focus on Debian the better) to help him with 
using the system and using the "Debian way" to do things without much
hassle. And the easiest way is to install a package. 

Furthermore, we should also make them (or at least the new riders
book, as it is based on the Debian tutorial) available for online
reading from debian.org. I see the "Debian books" link, but it is not
sufficient IMHO.

We have a "Documentation" link, but it only has:

Debian User's Manual

*This is a work on progress * Work is under way to create a user
tutorial for Debian. It is incomplete, but should still be useful.

Here, we need the links to the HTML versions of the manuals.

I like the way FreeBSD includes the handbook into their site.


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