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Re: Strange output from ps

On Fri, Oct 15, 1999 at 01:58:20AM -0400, Johnie Ingram wrote:

> Heck I can get this error on a freshly compiled kernel-package with a
> guaranteed-accurate map:
>     # ps ax
>     {scsi_ioctl} {scsi_ioctl_Rsmp2gig_86a102d9}
>     Warning: /boot/System.map-2.2.13pre7 does not match kernel data.
>         1 ?        S      0:05 init [2]

I saw the same output yesterday.

asterix:~$ uname -a
Linux asterix 2.2.13pre16 #1 Tue Oct 12 18:43:09 CEST 1999 i586 unknown

After a reboot it hasn't yet happened again...

I've never seen something like that before, maybe it's the 2.2.13pre series?
Or something in Manoj's new kernel-package package?

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