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Re: Possible ITP: Rescue Package

On Mon, Aug 02, 1999 at 02:47:17PM -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
> > I forgot to mention an editor here as well.
> It provides ed. I don't see why you would normally need an editor to fix a
> system with a broken libc, though, and once libc is fixed you have any
> editor you like available.

Arguably yes you're right.  However if Dale decides not to package the
thing, I might just package it myself.  The reason being that I believe
the lack of a reasonable vi (maybe nvi) and possibly emacs (jed perhaps?)
to be a bad thing.

The maintainers of nvi/jed/pick-a-reasonably-small-editor could probably
all create packages providing static-editor ...  I think I'd also like
today bzip2 and probably a static tar as well, sash doesn't seem to be
able to create tarballs.

You may not need that for just getting libc fixed sure, but it could sure
help if libc isn't the problem (at least you may not think so) and you
need to fix something else in a clean environment...

I also want something I can toss on to a zip drive or superdisk...  It
probably wouldn't take a full 100 megs or anything, but I'd rather a
little wasted space I could use for custom stuff that I may need but
haven't even thought of yet than to be stuck on a floppy and not have the

> > Under certain circumstances the system can only be repaired in single user
> > mode. Without a static version of sulogin, it is not possible to log into
> > single user mode.
> Er, if you use init=sash, you get dumped right into a shell. No need for
> single user mode, or logging in. The only advantage I see to single user
> mode is you can get a rw filesystem, but you can just remount it rw from
> inside

I don't think sulogin is really needed.  Maybe more like the "Press enter
for shell" the floppy uses now, but if you're there you don't really need
the root passwd (and I'm not likely to want to assume that your
/etc/passwd is intact..)

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