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Re: Possible ITP: Rescue Package

Dale Scheetz wrote:
> 1. Does it supply all of the commands as builtins that are found in
> fileutils?
> 2. Does it supply mount/umount, or sulogin(I think I have that right)?

Why would you need sulogin? It has all the rest:

> help
alias      [name [command]]
cd         [dirname]
-chgrp     gid filename ...
-chmod     mode filename ...
-chown     uid filename ...
-cmp       filename1 filename2
-cp        srcname ... destname
-dd        if=name of=name [bs=n] [count=n] [skip=n] [seek=n]
-echo      [args] ...
-ed        [filename]
exec       filename [args]
-grep      [-in] word filename ...
-gunzip    filename ... [-o outputPath]
-gzip      filename ... [-o outputPath]
help       [word]
-kill      [-sig] pid ...
-ln        [-s] srcname ... destname
-ls        [-lid] filename ...
-mkdir     dirname ...
-mknod     filename type major minor
-more      filename ...
-mount     [-t type] [-r] [-m] devname dirname
-mv        srcname ... destname
-printenv  [name]
prompt     string
-rm        filename ...
-rmdir     dirname ...
setenv     name value
source     filename
-tar       [xtv]f devname filename ...
-touch     filename ...
umask      [mask]
-umount    filename
unalias    name
-where     program

see shy jo

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