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Re: Debian Xconfigurator?

On Sat, Jul 24, 1999 at 01:33:15AM -0400, Robert Edmonds wrote:
> In case the Debian Xconfigurator project needs any monitor specs I have a
> whole bunch (which I blatantly stole from AcceleratedX with a hunk of
> perl) at

Since they came from a commercial source, you should probably indicate the
license that allows you to distribute this data.  Otherwise people may be
reluctant to use it.

> http://irc.novare.net/~edmonds/monitors/monitor-specs
> which is a bunch of monitor specs, one monitor per line, each field
> separated by tabs. (fields are Manufacturer, Model, Max Res., Horz. Sync,
> Vert. Refresh)

I'm surprised that even AccelX's configurator believes the myth that
monitors have a maximum resolution.  There is no such thing--higher
resolution can always (within reason) be achieved by sacrificing other
considerations.  Further, the suggested maximum input rate would be nice.

Why is it so hard to get one's hands on the numbers necessary to properly
configure a monitor?  And why are video configurators (yes, including
Windows') so primitive and limited compared to the possibilities?

Anyway, if these numbers encourage someone to improve the Xconfigurator, I'm
most grateful.

(running XFree86 at 1512x1134, 76 Hz)

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