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Re: Debian Xconfigurator?

On Tue, 27 Jul 1999, Andrew Pimlott wrote:

> I'm surprised that even AccelX's configurator believes the myth that
> monitors have a maximum resolution.  There is no such thing--higher
> resolution can always (within reason) be achieved by sacrificing other
> considerations.  Further, the suggested maximum input rate would be nice.

To a limit, at some point you will have pixels smaller than the dot pitch,
at that point you are at the limit. If you take a magnifying glass to my
.25 17" you can see that at 1280x1024 pixels are about 2-3 dots wide on
> <rant>
> Why is it so hard to get one's hands on the numbers necessary to properly
> configure a monitor?  And why are video configurators (yes, including
> Windows') so primitive and limited compared to the possibilities?
> </rant>

I always thought the Windows Matrox Configurator was simply excellent, you
can tune pretty much everything if you like. 

(running XFree86 at 1280x1024@16bit, 81Hz)

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