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ITP exscan and penguineyes and RFP srp


I intent to package the following programms for Debian. I think that
nobody else started to package them, so I do now:

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exscan - v0.4 - By PolarRoot [pi9@hotmail.com] [http://exscan.netpedia.net]
        QueSO - Remote OS Identification - By Savage
        QueSO code has been modified and integrated with permission.

exscan is a network/Internet port scanner, that uses the strobe-scan technique
of only scanning certain ports, instead of a full blown port scan.  The ports
which exscan scans can be viewed in the file SERVICES which is distributed with

exscan is not only a port scanner, though.  With some services (such as finger
and HTTP) exscan queries the server for information (such as the users on
finger; and the server version on HTTP).  On other services (such as FTP, SMTP,
and others) exscan displays the information returned by the server, sometimes
called a banner, and usually including the server type and version.

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PenguinEyes v0.8

Version 0.5 was a complete rewrite of the original, using gtk, - no
source code remains from v0.[12] or xeyes. v0.6 is the first to feature
imlib support, v0.7 adds some stuff and has some severe clean up of the
code, see the NEWS file for more details. v0.8 fixes the resizing code
from v0.7, as well as introducing GNOME docking and awareness.
Tux, as you should know, was drawn by Larry Ewing, using the GIMP. The
Dust Puppy is from User Friendly (http://www.userfriendly.org), drawn by
Illiad. The (nameless??) Gnu is the logo of the GNU foundation
(http://www.gnu.org). Linus Torvalds was created by ... um ... Mr and
Mrs Torvalds. Evil Tux and robopenguin are part of the ongoing war
between the penguins of the earth, and the Evil Empire. Robopenguin is
available for weddings, barmitzbahs and political assassinations.

Personal-Ad: This programm doesn't need the qt1g-library as tuxeyes. It
only needs the libraries from gnome, so I grabbed it, as I don't want to
install qt here for only a programm that shows some eyes to follow my
cursor. Also according to the readme this programm can be run as an
GNOME applet, which is very nice.

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SRP stands for the Secure Remote Password protocol, and it represents a
new mechanism for performing password-based authentication and key
exchange over potentially insecure networks.  SRP offers both security
and convenience improvements over authentication techniques currently in

The main repository for SRP information and this distribution is


This site explains the advantages of SRP and the case for moving to
an "exponential" based password file format as implemented by the
Exponential Password Suite (EPS).  The new password file format enables
networked services to perform secure, password-only authentication
over the network.

Personal Ad: But before it can be packaged, somebody with more knowledge
about licences should check the include licences carefully, as I'm not
sure, if it can go into main. Also it contains encryption (for now it's
only for the US) but as I found a copy on ftp.replay.com (sp?) I think
also some european developer could package this. 

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