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Re: Some free software is pure crap, just like proprietary.

---Reply to mail from Dale Scheetz about Some free software is pure crap, just like proprietary.

> Today, I tried to take advantage of Red Hat's generous offer to take my
> money in exchange for some "shares" in the company. I went to Jim Pick, my
> favorite non-us archiver, and got the latest versions of openssl and
> lynx-ssl, and installed them. I went to the URL provided by Red Hat,
> selected "logon", got another page with another login choice. When I make
> this choice lynx says it got an unexpected network message, and aborts the
> connection. Looks like I don't get to spend my money _again_!
this doesn't look like a lynx bug, but, a network bug!!!
> The other two "major" browsers, gzilla, and mozilla-navigator, are both
> equally useless at these tasks, as they have no secure shell capabilities,
> and, in many cases, can't even get through the CGI scripting that goes
> before the secure opperations.
gzilla is a bit young
and mozilla is "netscape navigator 5" pre-pre-pre-alpha. That's why he
doesn't do anything right, but he will, after summer, netscape navigator 5
will be ready, and will be the first netscape free navigator (mozilla=NPL
licence, NPL is free as a bird!)
the probleme is that netscape today belong to aol.... ;(
> For being a fork of Netscape, mozilla is little better than gzilla,
> although I use it a lot for searching and getting documents, it is
> very frustrating to have worked down a long tree of links, and you are
> finally at the link that will answer the question of "Life, the Universe,
> and Everything!", and mozilla graciously disapears, leaving a blank
> desktop, as soon as you click on the desired item. This willingness to die
> at the drop of a hat, coupled with the fact that you can not edit your
> bookmarks, makes this product more frustrating than any commercial product
> I have ever used in the M$ environments.
use netscape navigator 4.6 for linux, it is free as in 0 dollar, for
personnal use.
> Am I asking too much to want to be able to go to a vendor and negotiate a
> sale, or simply the exchange of "secure" information?
The web isn't a commercial tool. this is what IBM and so try to make us
believe, but WWW is a place where are lots of information. and that's all.
things like secure information ... are not friend with Internet, even in
the spirit! Internet isn't ready for security, and all I know about
commercial exchange around internet are a few word that should make think
a bit: IP spoofing, TCP hijacking, or credit card numbre generation... You
know, it sounds like ICQ, you probably know ICQ, this is a pager ---> a
little tool that enable youre friends to know that you are on the net, and
let theym exchange messages with you. this is great. but now, ICQ has
capabilities of chating or file sending, either if there are already lots
of tool which do it better (IRC, FTP...). The goal of good programmer is
not to make a programme that do everithing, but that do one thing well.
ICQ works well, i just can't understand why they add it possibilitie of
sending file, cause ftp work well !! Internet works well as a information
archive, it is not made for commercial use, so it is not secured
in this way, we can say gzilla is more stable than netscape ;-)
> Where is the "superior" mind share that was supposed to take the free
> netscape code and make something competative out of it?
We are doing it, be ready, in september. You can already take a look bye
an apt-get install mozilla. this starting to works well ;)
>Why, even with the
> openssl libraries, is the simple text browser unable to negotiate with a
> public trading site? Why is it, that the only answer I keep getting to
> such questions is "download netscape"?
sure!! download navigator. it works fine. it is not free, yes, but,
netscape believe in free software. perhaps the old netscape isn't free,
but, this is a younth mistake, that will be repaired in september ;-)
> BTW, the version of mozilla from potato will not come up for me. Where do
> I find error messages telling me why?
> Very unhappy,
very happy ;-)
> Dwarf
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