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Re: Some free software is pure crap, just like proprietary.

On Fri, Jul 23, 1999 at 12:13:17AM +0200, François-Xavier HOUARD wrote:
> ---Reply to mail from Dale Scheetz about Some free software is pure crap, just like proprietary.
> > Today, I tried to take advantage of Red Hat's generous offer to take my
> > money in exchange for some "shares" in the company. I went to Jim Pick, my
> > favorite non-us archiver, and got the latest versions of openssl and
> > lynx-ssl, and installed them. I went to the URL provided by Red Hat,
> > selected "logon", got another page with another login choice. When I make
> > this choice lynx says it got an unexpected network message, and aborts the
> > connection. Looks like I don't get to spend my money _again_!
> this doesn't look like a lynx bug, but, a network bug!!!

Not if two people consistantly get it with the same browser but not others
on different sites...  Especially if it consistantly works with other
(non-OpenSSL) browsers such as Netscape.

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