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Re: What is ESD? (was: Esound and x11amp)

On Fri, Jun 04, 1999 at 09:42:38AM +0100, Edward Betts wrote:
> ESD is what The Network Audio System (NAS) wanted to be.

>From my understanding, this is a great exaggeration.  Network Audio System
and Audio File were both designed with careful attention to several
technical aspects (concerning sound hardware, digital audio issues,
application needs) that I don't think ESD addresses.  ESD was written to
address a simple and immediate need.  I think you should make a critical
comparison before suggesting that we standardize on ESD.

Look for several posts to linux-kernel by Jim Getty's (one of the designers
of X and I think Audio File) with the subject "Soundcard over Network" for
some of his thoughts.  I don't believe he said much about ESD, so it might
be worth someone's time to ask him.

I use ESD sometimes and think it's a great trick.  I agree that a userspace
daemon is the right thing.  But, from reading Jim's posts and my own cursory
investigation of ESD, I doubt that ESD is ready to be the standard solution.

> ESD is `better' than NAS because the programming interface is easier.

?  Surely you do not expect that statement to stand.


As always - the golden rule is, apply the service pack after breathing on
your NT server.
- BUGTRAQ post (by Simon Helson)

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