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Re: Esound and x11amp

On Tue, Jun 01, 1999 at 11:25:25AM -0400, Brian Almeida wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 02, 1999 at 02:21:59AM +1200, Michael Beattie wrote:
> > While on this topic, I find that x11amp quite regularly gets a sort of
> > corruption in its buffer. I get a garbled sound until the buffer empties
> > itself. Any clues?
> > 
> > Using most recent x11amp, and 2.0.36 kernel. Seems to do it with esd too,
> > although not as badly. (Esound works fine for me.)
> Hmmm. It might be mpg123....

mpg123 has odd problems with esddsp, at least on my system - it works, and
then starts (apparently at random) only playing every sixth frame or so (and
thus music goes past very quickly!)

It must be the (OSS) output method of mpg123, because libmpg123 works fine,
as does telling mpg123 to decode to stdout and piping to esdcat.

I'd file a bug, but it doesn't look like the bugs for the mpg123 package are
being looked after very well by the maintainer, and I can't tell whether
this is a mere symptom of another (old) bug (without looking through the
source - which I have nowhere near enough time to do at the moment).  Also,
it may be that esddsp should be "fixed" to handle whatever (probably broken)
behaviour that mpg123 is currently exhibiting.

Anyone else have this trouble?  Should I file a bug anyway, and have it
merged if it is indeed another symptom? (or reassigned to whatever package
esddsp is in)

Robert Donn
(deciding against writing something to guess at what is being played at any
time by finding which process has /dev/dsp open, and what other files that
process has open - EsounD would be too difficult to handle, I guess)

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