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Re: Esound and x11amp

On debian-devel, Shane King <thandor@donut.dhis.org> wrote:
> I had this trouble - solved it by grabbing the source, and compiling with
> esd support enabled - that way it doesn't need esddsp. Hence I don't think
> it's omething worth fixing re esddsp...
> Perhaps it should be compiled by default with esd support? Or does debian
> not want to "force" people to install esd to use sound software?

esd = enlightenment sound DAEMON

It should be loaded at startup from `/etc/init.d/esd start' like all the other
daemons. ALL sound related programs in debian should use esd. The binary sound
producing apps that have no support for esd should be replaced with shell
scripts that run `esdctl off', run the program, then run `esdctl on'.

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