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Re: Easy access to .pot files (translated messages template)

> >  But I know that this won't happen, as I'm the only one that thinks this.
> > That's why I'm bringing this new idea: To change the "Donations" link to a
> > more general "Help us" page. In this page we would have the "Donations", nut
> > also what people could do to help Debian. And there would be a link to every
> > .pot file in the system (automatically extracted).
> >  This would encourage users to become translator... there's a huge potential
> > in that.
> Yes, but to translate some messages you really need the source. If you see
> an entry "%s: %s on %s". You don't know, what will apear there. Perhaps
> some other translated text, but which? I wouldn't do translations without
> source. And the translation should be sent to the author of the program. But
> there may exist some maintainer in the country, that keeps dictionary of
> computer terms, say how should you translate "file mode".
> The morale is, that there should'n be ad hoc translations - it is better not
> to have a translation, than to have a inaccurate or wrong translation.

 1) You call them bad translations. I call them a start point.

 2) The gettext translating system is specifically designed to separate
translating to having to read the sources. The author comments before the
marked text will be copied to the .pot file. These comments should explain
an "%s: %s on %s" entry.

 The real morale is that nobody really cares about having translated
packages... =)

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