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Re: Easy access to .pot files (translated messages template)

> >  I think I'm the only one that those files should be packaged too, lftp is
> > the only package that includes such a file.
> > 
> >  Could at least exist a section in the WWW site with all those files
> > extracted, so translators would be able to download them without needing to
> > get the sources?
> > 
> >  This is needed to actively promote translations. And many users with a
> > minimum of technical skills can help here!
> It's so trivial to download sources today with apt-get source, I don't see
> the point.

 It's psicological. Two scenarios.

 * I have an hour left. I will download a 2Mb package to translate a 30k file.
 * I have an hour left. I've seen that .pot files are included in every
"doc" directory. Let's look at one and make a translation.

 But I know that this won't happen, as I'm the only one that thinks this.
That's why I'm bringing this new idea: To change the "Donations" link to a
more general "Help us" page. In this page we would have the "Donations", nut
also what people could do to help Debian. And there would be a link to every
.pot file in the system (automatically extracted).
 This would encourage users to become translator... there's a huge potential
in that.


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