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Re: How to handle the jargon file?

On Wed, 26 May, 1999, Steve Greenland wrote:
> BTW, Edward, you mentioned you were working on the new HTML version.
> I'd be very happy to see you formally adopt the package. The website
> says they are going to release the SGML sources when they get the tool
> situation straightened out; at that point I'd like to see an info
> release. If you don't want to do it, I'll do it.
> (Note again that I'm very happy to see packages of this kind of stuff,
> I'm just not convinced they belong in "main")

Let us wait on two fronts then. We wait for a properly formatted Jargon file
coming from ESR, and some the "data" section in Debian.

I would like to have an upto date version of the Jargon File in before freeze

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