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How to handle the jargon file?

Debian has at the moment the packages: 

jargon      4.0.0-3 maintained by Steve Greenland <stevegr@master.debian.org>
jargon-text 4.0.0-3 maintained by Edward Betts <edward@debian.org> (me)

The first is in info format, the second in an odd hypertext language with a
viewer called Volks-hypertext browser (also pacakged by me as vh). Both are
version 4.0.0 of the jargon file.

Eric S. Raymond has released version 4.1.2 of the jargon file, but it is not
released in info format. The text version is broken, it does not work
correctly with Volks-hypertext browser and the spacing is messed up.

ESR's perfered format is html. The jargon file is now avaliable as a single 
2Mb html file jargon.html, which works quite well, if it does take a little
while to load into lynx. The other option is a .tar.gz file containing all the
html but each entry is a seperate file. I have done some work to see if I can
package it, included is a perl script jargon-search for /usr/lib/cgi-bin to run
searchs which I have yet to get working.

What I want to know is does every else argee that this is the right way of
doing it? 

I noticed that Steve Greenland sayed he was going to remove his jargon package
because he did not think that it should be part of Debian. I disagree, I think
the jargon file is an important part of hacker folklore. One of the main
reasons that I selected Debian as my OS rather than Redhat was that Debian 
included a copy of the jargon file. 

I would argue that if the jargon package was to be removed, so should

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