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Re: How to handle the jargon file?

On 26-May-99, 16:16 (CDT), Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> wrote: 
> Edward Betts wrote:
> > I noticed that Steve Greenland sayed he was going to remove his
> > jargon package because he did not think that it should be part of
> > Debian. I disagree, I think the jargon file is an important part
> > of hacker folklore. One of the main reasons that I selected Debian
> > as my OS rather than Redhat was that Debian included a copy of the
> > jargon file.
> Jargon belongs here.

Why? While I like the jargon file, how is it different than the
gnu-philosophy pages or Anarchist FAQ: An interesting (set of)
document(s), but not really an appropriate part of an OS Distribution?

Someone (Ben Collins?) mentioned that they treat it as a dictionary, so
I can kind of see that, although the whole thing includes a bunch of
other stuff.

BTW, Edward, you mentioned you were working on the new HTML version.
I'd be very happy to see you formally adopt the package. The website
says they are going to release the SGML sources when they get the tool
situation straightened out; at that point I'd like to see an info
release. If you don't want to do it, I'll do it.

(Note again that I'm very happy to see packages of this kind of stuff,
I'm just not convinced they belong in "main")


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