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Re: Give Out Just Binary CDS [was: Paying CD vendors for freebies]

renfro@tntech.edu writes:

> On Thu, 27 May 1999, Will Lowe wrote:
> > > post. To rephrase: "Should we consider offering only the main binary CDs
> > > as the freebies at expos, instead of the main, contrib, and source CDs?
> > 
> > It'd probably be seen as pretty hypocritical for us,  the ones who are
> > always yelling about free software and being able to get the sources and
> > stuff to give out _just_ binary CDs. 
> No doubt it might be seen that way; however, from a cost standpoint,
> giving out just main means we can get double the installations handed out
> at a given expo for the same cost (for slink, at least). Whether the
> cost is borne by Debian or by a CD vendor is irrelevant, I think. In
> either case, for a given pile of resources, we could evangelize N
> potential installations, or 2*N potential installations.

Well, that's of the order O(N) both.  ;-) 
And I guess these new installs by free CDs are outnumbered by the ftp
downloads and/or sold CDs.

As far as I get to know it, we ask vendors if they can supply us with
free Debian CDs. What we get, we will give away. 


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