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Re: Freeze stuff, summary.. (perl 5.005, etc)

On Mon, May 10, 1999 at 02:11:42AM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > I've been distracted by revenue production for a couple of months.
> > Are we expected to upload our packages rebuilt for glibc2.1? 
> It wouldn't hurt but I don't think it's necessary. glibc2.1 can
> drop-in replace 2.0 (unless you have a program that depends on certain
> internal stuff which it shouldn't be using anyway).
> Really, what is more important and has changed is CC from gcc272 to
> egcs.  But again, it would probably be nice to recompile sometime over
> then next two months, but not really necessary AFAIK.

Seems that for libs it's a VERY GOOD IDEA to rebuild.  I've seen a number
of examples of bad things happening with mixed glibc2.0 and glibc2.1
libs.  I think the problems stem from gcc2.7/egcs, but they exist all the

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