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Freeze stuff, summary.. (perl 5.005, etc)

I'm seeing a few rather vocal people who really just want to release
ASAP for whatever reason, most are willing to wait to get stable, but
they still 'just want to get it out'...

I'm also seeing a lot of FUD being spread about perl5.005, guys, we
/HAVE/ a plan, the maintainer is busy working on it instead of getting
in long debates, which is a good thing, for specifics please see the
-devel and -perl archives..

As far as I can see, we simply are not ready to freeze, we have many
many 'little' and 'big' things working quietly to get things done for
potato, we have a good number of people working on IPv6, BenC and a few
others on PAM, others on perl5.005, Overfiend and friends working on
things for X, and many other things which I have not been keeping a eye

Give it time, glibc2.1 is still not entirely stable (I think, someone
hit me over the head hard if its fully stable, espy please), and we have
many things cooking which will be very very nice when they are ready..

Zephaniah E. Hull..
(AKA Mercury)

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