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Re: Uploaded fvwm 2.2-4 (source i386) to master

> On Wed, May 05, 1999 at 02:16:59PM +0100, Edward Betts wrote:
> > >    * Always have an xterm option on the Debian menu, even if the menu
> > >      package is not installed (so won't be stuck with nothing)
> > 
> > Personally, I dislike this change. Other Window Managers do not have an xterm
> > on the main menu, when menu is installed. Could it be set so you have the
> > standard debian menu + exit, when menu is present, and xterm, restart, and
> > exit when menu is not installed.
> I agree, but if it is problematic to implement it is better to err on the
> site of providing an xterm.  Otherwise the newbie is really up the creek if
> when it comes to starting clients if there's no xterm and no menu.

As explained in the previous mail, I've figured a way to solve this
one so that the xterm only appears if menu is not installed.

> > >    * system.fvwm2rc changes:
> > >      - Returned to Exit fvwm menu instead of form (closes: #36232)
> > 
> > Again, I preferred it the other way, I do not think other Window Managers
> > display a exit menu of this style.
> I did not prefer it the other way.  I utterly despise logout confirmation
> dialogs.
> Are you sure you want to log out?  Y
> Are you really, really sure?  Y
> Are you positive?  Y
> I don't think you really mean it.  Press Y again to convince me.  Y
> I know better than you do.  I'll keep you logged in.  @#*&^$&*)@


> Besides which, if fvwm is not the process that was exec'ed by the X
> session, you don't logout at all when the window manager terminates.  So
> that dialog box could be flat out wrong.

That has been corrected in 2.2-4 (although I forgot to put it in the

> The menu options are much less intrusive than the form.  Mr. Gilbey left
> the code for the form in place so you can edit your
> /etc/X11/fvwm/system.fvwm2rc to use the form instead.

And in 2.2-6 you will be able to simply add
  Read /usr/doc/fvwm/examples/post-hook.menu-exit-form
to your post.hook, and you don't have to touch system.fvwm2rc (which
is even better when I find mistakes in it which need correcting).

> > >      - Reverted back to Lars' colour scheme (white/steelblue) to please
> > >        Branden ;-) (closes: #36231)
> > 
> > I liked the orange, it was funky.
> It was a gratuitous change.  Fvwm(2) had those color defaults for years.
> You're free to change it back to Thorium-decay-on-toxic-waste if you want.

Flamewar time ;-)

> > >      - Removed the excess window buttons as well (closes: #36234)
> > 
> > They were cool as well, without them it looks to much like Windows 95, maybe
> > that is the `best' button layout, but I am unconvinced.
> Again, this is configurable, and going back to what Debian has done for
> years is not a bad thing.  Principle of least surprise and all that.  If
> you set up your post.hook as a delta from the system.fvwm2rc, then changes
> in fvwm2rc are noticeable.  If you've got fvwm2 so customized that the user
> account doesn't even use system.fvwm2rc, you won't see the changes at all
> -- but most people don't, I think, customize their window manager to that
> degree.

I'm not sure whether most users even bother to read the docs to
discover that they don't *need* to write their own .fvwm2rc.

> > Fortunately, I managed to save my system.fvwm2rc before it was replaced, I
> > wonder whether the previous version (or just the colours and buttons) could 
> > appear in /usr/doc/fvwm/examples/
> That wouldn't be a bad idea at all.  We could also have
> "system.fvwm2rc-Win95", "system.fvwm2rc-Motif", etc., to show people how
> fvwm2 can be customized to resemble windowing environments they are
> accustomed to.

The first one (5 buttons of 2.2-3) is done.  If someone can write the
others or describe to me what they look like, I'll do them.  The only
one which might be a little tricky is the Win9x one, as the taskbar is
still not fully functional in 2.2, AFAIK.  There's fvwm95, but that's
currently unmaintained upstream -- Daniel Martin is considering
adopting it.



  Julian Gilbey, Dept of Maths, QMW, Univ. of London. J.D.Gilbey@qmw.ac.uk
             Debian GNU/Linux Developer.  jdg@debian.org
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