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Re: Uploaded fvwm 2.2-4 (source i386) to master

> On Tue, 04 May, 1999, Julian Gilbey wrote:
> > Format: 1.5
> > Date: Mon,  3 May 1999 23:50:04 +0100
> > Source: fvwm
> > Binary: fvwm-common fvwm
> > Architecture: source i386
> > Version: 2.2-4
> > Distribution: unstable
> > Urgency: low
> > Maintainer: Julian Gilbey <jdg@debian.org>
> > Description: 
> >  fvwm       - F(?) Virtual Window Manager, version 2.xx.
> >  fvwm-common - Files shared between the fvwm, fvwm1 and fvwm95 packages
> > Changes: 
> >  fvwm (2.2-4) unstable; urgency=low
> >  .
> >    * Always have an xterm option on the Debian menu, even if the menu
> >      package is not installed (so won't be stuck with nothing)
> Personally, I dislike this change. Other Window Managers do not have an xterm
> on the main menu, when menu is installed. Could it be set so you have the
> standard debian menu + exit, when menu is present, and xterm, restart, and
> exit when menu is not installed.

It's not at all obvious whether or not the menu package is installed.
Included in the package is a sample post.hook which undoes this, and
the sysadmin or individual users are welcome to use it.  The principle
I have followed (I think on someone's suggestion, can't remember for
certain) is that in the worst case scenario: no menu package, no
user-defined menus, no access to VCs for whatever reason, the
inability to open an xterm will be fatal.  But as I write this, I have
figured out how to handle it, and will do so for version 2.2-6.  This
will be by having the xterm entry at the top of the main menu, and
having the menu package-generated menudefs.hook begin with:
  DestroyMenu /Debian
  AddToMenu /Debian
  Read /etc/X11/fvwm/main-menu-pre.hook Quiet
  Read ~/.fvwm/main-menu-pre.hook Quiet
The only disadvantage is that the main-menu-pre.hook's will be read
twice, but the loss is minor.

> >    * system.fvwm2rc changes:
> >      - Returned to Exit fvwm menu instead of form (closes: #36232)
> Again, I preferred it the other way, I do not think other Window Managers
> display a exit menu of this style.

Feel free to use the new post.hook example which will be provided in
2.2-6.  (post-hook.menu-form-quit)

> >      - Reverted back to Lars' colour scheme (white/steelblue) to please
> >        Branden ;-) (closes: #36231)
> I liked the orange, it was funky.

Maybe I'll add another example.  Anyway, as Branden explained, keeping
the defaults the same makes sense.  If you're impatient, you can do
this in your post.hook, but it won't quite work:

AddToDecor default-decor
+ HilightColor Black OrangeRed

Style "default-style" UseDecor default-decor, Color Black/DarkOrange
Style "*" UseStyle default-style

You really want to wait a few days until I've done 2.2-6 and use the

> >      - Removed the excess window buttons as well (closes: #36234)
> They were cool as well, without them it looks to much like Windows 95, maybe
> that is the `best' button layout, but I am unconvinced.

I'll make another example post.hook with this in it:
post-hook.change-buttons.  Should even work with

(Oh, yes.  I just figured out that we need another hook:
default-style.hook, in order to handle changes to the default style
without losing the information about icons and the like.)

> >    * Now only Suggests: menu rather than Recommends: (closes: #36335)
> Why? I would recommend you have menu installed, it is only small, and fvwm is
> a lot my useful with it installed.

Because I had several people complain about it:
 - fvwm runs quite happily without menu installed
 - only fvwm and fvwm95 recommend menu, the other wm's merely suggest it
 - it's in the standard profiles, so new users will get it anyway

> Fortunately, I managed to save my system.fvwm2rc before it was replaced, I
> wonder whether the previous version (or just the colours and buttons) could 
> appear in /usr/doc/fvwm/examples/

Will do in 2.2-6.



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             Debian GNU/Linux Developer.  jdg@debian.org
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