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Re: Uploaded fvwm 2.2-4 (source i386) to master

On Wed, May 05, 1999 at 02:16:59PM +0100, Edward Betts wrote:
> >    * Always have an xterm option on the Debian menu, even if the menu
> >      package is not installed (so won't be stuck with nothing)
> Personally, I dislike this change. Other Window Managers do not have an xterm
> on the main menu, when menu is installed. Could it be set so you have the
> standard debian menu + exit, when menu is present, and xterm, restart, and
> exit when menu is not installed.

I agree, but if it is problematic to implement it is better to err on the
site of providing an xterm.  Otherwise the newbie is really up the creek if
when it comes to starting clients if there's no xterm and no menu.

> >    * system.fvwm2rc changes:
> >      - Returned to Exit fvwm menu instead of form (closes: #36232)
> Again, I preferred it the other way, I do not think other Window Managers
> display a exit menu of this style.

I did not prefer it the other way.  I utterly despise logout confirmation

Are you sure you want to log out?  Y
Are you really, really sure?  Y
Are you positive?  Y
I don't think you really mean it.  Press Y again to convince me.  Y
I know better than you do.  I'll keep you logged in.  @#*&^$&*)@

Besides which, if fvwm is not the process that was exec'ed by the X
session, you don't logout at all when the window manager terminates.  So
that dialog box could be flat out wrong.

The menu options are much less intrusive than the form.  Mr. Gilbey left
the code for the form in place so you can edit your
/etc/X11/fvwm/system.fvwm2rc to use the form instead.

> >      - Reverted back to Lars' colour scheme (white/steelblue) to please
> >        Branden ;-) (closes: #36231)
> I liked the orange, it was funky.

It was a gratuitous change.  Fvwm(2) had those color defaults for years.
You're free to change it back to Thorium-decay-on-toxic-waste if you want.

> >      - Removed the excess window buttons as well (closes: #36234)
> They were cool as well, without them it looks to much like Windows 95, maybe
> that is the `best' button layout, but I am unconvinced.

Again, this is configurable, and going back to what Debian has done for
years is not a bad thing.  Principle of least surprise and all that.  If
you set up your post.hook as a delta from the system.fvwm2rc, then changes
in fvwm2rc are noticeable.  If you've got fvwm2 so customized that the user
account doesn't even use system.fvwm2rc, you won't see the changes at all
-- but most people don't, I think, customize their window manager to that

> Fortunately, I managed to save my system.fvwm2rc before it was replaced, I
> wonder whether the previous version (or just the colours and buttons) could 
> appear in /usr/doc/fvwm/examples/

That wouldn't be a bad idea at all.  We could also have
"system.fvwm2rc-Win95", "system.fvwm2rc-Motif", etc., to show people how
fvwm2 can be customized to resemble windowing environments they are
accustomed to.

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