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dialog-sensible script

	Now that we were talking about sensible scripts I would suggest
adding a 'sensible-dialog' to Debian, we have many packages using term's
dialog to allow for some kind of simple user GUI in console, I found out,
however that gnome provides a 'gdialog' quite the same but that gives new
light (when working in X) to all those scripts using dialog. Its prettier to
see the gnome widgets that a blue-background xterm, IMHO.

	I suggest using a 'sensible-dialog' that would give gdialog if
installed and in X and dialog otherwise. I have used this myself in some
scripts and would like to suggest all developers to use something similar in


#Init Diaglo
if [ -x $GDIALOG ] ; then
if [ ! -x $DIALOG ] ; then
	echo "Sorry, you do not have dialog installed."
	echo "Dialog is installed by the 'dialog' package"
# if this shows up the package has a bug, since should have a Depends:
	exit 1;

(... continue with script)

a 'sensible-dialog' would do
if X and exists gdialog
	use gdialog
	if exists dialog
		use dialog
		exit 1

	Well I think this is a nive idea, ¿any comments? are other
developers willing to add this, could this be provided?



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