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Re: Are there any DEB for RHIDE already?

lubaldo@adinet.com.uy posted to debian-devel@lists.debian.org

> 	Hello.
> At 06:34 PM 26/04/1999 -0500, David Starner wrote:
> >Pedro Guerreiro wrote:
> >> IIRC, some time ago someone (don't remenber who) posted an ITP RHIDE.
> >> Is it done already? I thinking about trying this package, and if someone
> >> already made a DEB, even if not officially it saved me the touble.
> >There were some license difficulties - the author added some clauses to
> >the GPL making it non-free. However, they were using code from GDB and
> >RMS said they were going to straight GPL after he talked to them, so
> >someone might want to check it out again.
> 	That license difficulties where solved. RHIDE now is plain GPL V2 or
> greater!!!

Just as a confirmation: I'm the author of SETEdit and maintainer of the 
RHTVision library. I talked about these issues with Robert Hoehne some months 
ago and he agreed to remove the silly additions. He also contacted RMS and if 
you take a look to the "other software" in the GNU site you'll see RHIDE.
> 	Upstream maintainer is too busy doing a library for handling unicode
> strings or something like that...
Is a library to handle VCSA devices even if the user loaded a font and 
unicode map. It will also have toupper/tolower/isalpha for 16 bits unicode 
(the codification used by Linux kernel).

> P.d.: To get the latest upstream source (with debian scripts for creating
> .deb package) of the SET's Editor:
> http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Vista/6552/edi0425b.zip

Try directly from the home page, this link is to the binary for DOS, 
something I think isn't relevant here ;-). In the main page there are links 
for the full sources and statically linker version of the editor.

Currently my goal is to make RHIDE easy to compile, publicly available 
releases (upto 1.4.7) are a nightmare to compile. Now RHTV and SETEdit are 
two separated libraries (yes the editor can be compiled as a library). The 
only problem that needs to be solved is the gdb side. RHIDE needs a libgdb.a 
and header, currently they are created by the RHIDE makefiles and that's a 
no-no for .deb packaging dependencies (the RHIDE source needs the gdb sources 
installed). So the maintainer of the gdb .deb should add a new .deb to create 
it as a package.

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