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Re: Are there any DEB for RHIDE already?


At 06:34 PM 26/04/1999 -0500, David Starner wrote:
>Pedro Guerreiro wrote:
>> IIRC, some time ago someone (don't remenber who) posted an ITP RHIDE.
>> Is it done already? I thinking about trying this package, and if someone
>> already made a DEB, even if not officially it saved me the touble.
>There were some license difficulties - the author added some clauses to
>the GPL making it non-free. However, they were using code from GDB and
>RMS said they were going to straight GPL after he talked to them, so
>someone might want to check it out again.
	That license difficulties where solved. RHIDE now is plain GPL V2 or

	I have packaged RHTVision (the library that RHIDE uses for its TUI) and
SETEdit (the editor wich RHIDE uses internally).
	Tough, I don't have applied to be a Debian developer yet, I will apply soon.
	The RHTVision library packaging is stable and reliable I think. The
recently new (I am talking about version 1.0.5) upstream source of
RHTVision has the debian directory in it, so you can make a .deb without
problems! (or you should not run into problems).
	The SETEdit text editor packaging isn't finished yet... tough is nearly
	The problem I am having is that RHTVision won't compile on EGCS 1.1.2
(2.91.66, the latest from Potato, and with the one in Slink happens the
same). The compiler says "internal error" or something like that, it seems
a problem internal to the compiler itself. This bug isn't reported yet to
the upstream EGCS maintainers nor the Debian maintainer/s, since it was not
properly verified (it doesn't work on my machine, and upstream author
didn't checked it yet).
	Upstream maintainer is too busy doing a library for handling unicode
strings or something like that...

	I had intentions to package RHIDE after packaging RHTVision and SETEdit,
but if you want to take the job then go ahead, since I don't know if I will
be able to package RHIDE or not (since I never tryed to compile it yet,
never got the sources). Also, if you package it, then it will be a good
idea to use the package of the RHTVision that I am doing.

	I think that first we have to solve the EGCS problem, or I should upload
it compiled with old EGCS 2.90 or GCC

	Help, comments, advices (since they are my first packages) are appreciated!

P.d.: To get the latest upstream source (with debian scripts for creating
.deb package) of the SET's Editor:
P.d.2: To get the latest upstream source (with debian scripts for creating
.deb packages) of RHTVision library:

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