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Re: Debian GNU/Solaris

Quoting Christophe Broult <christophe.broult@info.unicaen.fr>:

> "Darren O. Benham" <gecko@debian.org> writes:
> > Or more the the point...when does BSD become Debian GNU/BSD?  When does
> > Solaris become Debian GNU/Solaris (there is such a project, right?)
> Well, I can tell that I would love a Debian GNU/Solaris because apt
> makes it so easy to install packages...

I too would love the ease of apt for solaris...but how the hell can we have a
gnu/solaris when the os itself is'nt open?  maybe I'm just confuzzled on what it
is that's being shot for.

hmmm...but I would love to see apt/dselect/whatever work on top of the pkgadd
solaris crap. (or as a replacement.


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